Bandana Pumpkins – 2 Ways Story

An easy 5-minute craft using a bandana and a roll of TP!

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– Glue gun – Scissors – Paintbrush – Craft knife – Pencil


To Make Toilet Paper Pumpkins – Toilet Paper Roll – Orange Bandana – Cinnamon Sticks To Make with Craft Foam Pumpkins – Foam Pumpkin – Bandana – Black Craft Paint – Twine

1. Place roll of toilet paper in the center of bandana.

2. Pull the bandana up over the toilet paper roll. Tuck excess bandana into toilet paper roll opening

3. Press cinnamon sticks into the middle of toilet paper roll

Instructions -  To Make Toilet Paper Pumpkins

1. Use craft knife to cut out a square around the green foam pumpkin

Instructions -  To Make Craft Foam Bandana Pumpkin

2. Use craft knife to remove any extra orange foam from the stems.

3. Paint the stem black

Can you use another type of pumpkin?

Sure! The main reason we like these foam pumpkins is that it is easy to remove the stem.

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