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Crown Peach Jello Shots

These Crown Peach Jello Shots are not your average Jello shot. Yes, they’re a tad strong but the peach flavor is so refreshing and the Crown makes them unique and a step above your basic vodka Jello shot.

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– Peach gelatin  – Water – Crown Royal Peach – Peach Rings



1. Bring 1 cup of water to boil in medium saucepan.

2. When water starts boiling, add packet of gelatin and 1 cup Crown Royal Peach.

3. Mix well until gelatin is fully dissolved.

4. Allow to cool enough to handle, then pour liquid

5. When gelatin is almost set, add a peach ring gummy to the top of each shot. 

The answer is absolutely! Other options include peach vodka or peach rum, such as Malibu Peach.

Can I Use Another Liquor?

Does the Alcohol Cook Off in Jello Shots?

Nope, the alcohol does not cook off in this case. These are definitely a grown-up treat and pretty boozy!

Why Are My Jello Shots Not Setting?

This usually happens when the recipe is not followed exactly, for example, by adding extra liquor to make them stronger. Just trust me on this and stick to the recipe.

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