DIY  Mason Jar Pumpkins 

These DIY Painted Pumpkin Mason Jars are a gorgeous addition to your farmhouse fall decor and so easy to make!


– Glass mason jars – Chalky Finish Paint in "Heritage" Orange – Chalky Finish Paint in "Lace" – Acrylic Paint in "Hauser Medium Green"


– Paintbrush – 3 wine corks – Glue gun and glue sticks – Artificial ivy leaves – Decorative jute ribbon – Scissors

1. Clean and dry jars and remove lids.


2. Use Chalky Paint in "Heritage" to coat the surface of one jar, leaving the rim unpainted

3. Mix equal amounts of Paint in "Heritage" (orange) and "Lace" (white), then paint the surface of the second mason jar.

4. Paint the third pumpkin with white chalk paint.


5. Allow jars to dry

6. While jars are drying, paint all of the lids with green acrylic craft paint.

7. Cut a small trimming of the artificial ivy or foilage.

8. Use a hot glue gun to secure a wine cork to the top of each lid.

9. Apply a small line of glue along one side of the base of the wine cork and carefully attach the foliage you cut earlier

Lined Circle

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