Gluten Free & Dairy Free Sweet Potato Mac & Cheese

What food did I miss most after becoming lactose intolerant? Mac & cheese!! Growing up, I ate macaroni and cheese at least three days a week.

Fortunately, my husband created this insanely delicious recipe for Sweet Potato Mac & Cheese that satisfies my cravings!


– gluten-free pasta elbows – sweet potato – shredded cheddar cheese we used "veggie" cheese – bacon chopped – almond milk

Prepare pasta according to directions on package. Cook bacon and set aside. Bake sweet potato (or microwave) until soft. Remove skin and add potato to mixing bowl. Mash well.


Roast sliced mushrooms for 10 minutes at 350° with a little salt and oil of  your choice.  Add to mixing bowl with sweet potatoes.


Add cheese, butter, onion powder, almond  milk, lemon juice, and 1 cup of the water in which the pasta was cooked.   Mix well using a stand mixer or hand mixer.


Add pasta to mixing bowl and stir by hand until well combined. Pour entire mixture into large baking dish. Coat with chopped bacon and green onions.


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