Granny’s Ambrosia Salad

A classic Ambrosia Salad recipe, just like Grandma made it! Fluffy, sweet, and absolutely divine!

This ambrosia salad recipe is inspired by the dishes my Granny used to make at our family dinners. I’m sure her original recipe is much better but hopefully we did it justice!


– cool whip – sour cream – mandarin oranges – pineapple – maraschino cherries

Drain all of your fruits and separate into their own bowls.


Mix cool whip and sour cream in a large mixing bowl until completely incorporated.


Stir in the drained mandarins and pineapple, followed by the coconut and rainbow marshmallows.


Press your drained maraschino cherries between two paper towels to remove all remaining liquid, then stir into your Ambrosia salad.


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