Laying with Your Kids at Night is Not a Bad Habit

Forget what the experts say! Laying with your kids is NOT a bad habit!

You’ll never get this moment back.

I promised that I would remember what a blessing it is to be able lay with my kids at bedtime.

- Because one day  they’ll stop asking.

Laying with Your Kids at Night is NOT a Bad Habit

That little three year old is going to grow up, and it’s going to happen fast.

Being able to spend those extra special minutes together at the end of the day is a blessing. And a blessing not to be wasted.

- One More Hug  Won’t Hurt

There are one thousand four hundred and forty minutes in a day. All your kids are asking for is a few of them.

Why not let your child’s last memory of the day be a special snuggle with mom or dad?

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