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Maleficent Halloween Cocktail

Our delicious purple Maleficent drink is a show-stopper and guaranteed to be the hit of any party!

The secret to the sparkle in our Maleficent cocktail is this silver cocktail shimmer powder, which adds a magical look to drinks with just a pinch!

What Makes it Sparkle?

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– vodka – lime juice – raspberry liqueur – Sprite – silver cake shimmer – purple gel food   coloring



1. Combine liquors, silver shimmer, food coloring, and lime juice in large cocktail shaker

2. Shake vigorously for 5 seconds to mix.

3, Pour your mixture into a cocktail glass with ice.

4. Fill remainder of the glass with Sprite or similar lemon lime soda.

– Replace vodka with more Sprite – Use grenadine in place of raspberry liquor

Is there a non-alcoholic version?

Why does my drink look black?

The color of your drink may vary depending on the brand of raspberry liquor used, as well as your food coloring.

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