Tipsy Santa Shooters

A festive and easy holiday drink, these Tipsy Santa Shooters will have you feeling jolly in no time! Made with two simple ingredients!

You only need two ingredients to put together this fun and colorful  shooter that is perfect for a holiday party or hosting Christmas this  year.


– RumChata, cinnamon and vanilla cream liqueur – Grenadine

Pour the Grenadine into the bottom of a tall 2 oz shot glass. Take a spoon, flip it so that the curved side faces up, and place it inside the shot glass, against the side of the glass.


Slowly pour RumChata on top of the spoon, so that it slides down the side of the glass and layers on top of the grenadine.


Enjoy as-is, or top with whipped cream.


If you’re looking for a swap for the RumChata, I personally tested this recipe using coconut milk.

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