St. Patrick’s Day Fluff Salad

Calling all leprechauns & dessert lovers! This St. Patrick’s Day Fluff Salad is a magical mix of cool whip, pineapple, lime jello, & rainbow candy!

This retro inspired lime jello salad recipe is fun and vibrant, light and refreshing, and makes the perfect special touch for any St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.


– cool whip – crushed pineapple – lucky charms marshmallows – marshmallow fluff – lime jello

Add the jello powder and cool whip to a large mixing bowl and stir until fully combined.


Add the marshmallow fluff and cottage cheese. Stir well. Gently fold in remaining ingredients, excluding the garnishes. Scoop fluff salad into a serving bowl.


Position one of the rainbow belts in the middle top of the heap of fluff  and surround each end of the rainbow belt with a few mini marshmallows  to make clouds.


Sprinkle some of the gold sprinkles over the clouds. Randomly place some of the rainbow bites around the bowl, on  top of the fluff.


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