Spicy Crab Sushi Roll Recipe

This Spicy Crab Sushi Roll is a restaurant-worthy treat that’s easy enough for beginners to make at home, with zesty crab salad and crunchy cucumbers.

This Spicy Crab Sushi is a deliciously rich way to take your dinner to the next level!


– sriracha – imitation crab meat – cucumber – nori (seaweed) – sushi rice – sesame seeds

In a small bowl, whisk together the chili sauce and the mayonnaise. Pull apart or slice the imitation crab into thin strips. Add crab meat to the bowl of spicy mayo and stir to coat.


Peel the cucumber and slice it into thin strips. Place one nori sheet on a bamboo sushi mat with the shiny side of the seaweed facing down and the lines running horizontally.


Add  3/4 cup of prepared sushi rice to the nori sheet and gently spread it until it covers about 80% of the nori, with an inch at the top  uncovered.


Spread 1/4th of the crab salad across the middle of the rice layer on the nori sheet. Place a few strips of cucumber on top of the crab.


Carefully roll up the nori sheet, using the bamboo mat to press everything inward. Dip clean fingers in a bowl  of water and wet the strip of nori at the top of the roll that does not have rice.


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